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Cimas was founded in 1840 in Perugia by Giuseppe Laurenzi, who began to design and build agricultural equipment. In a short time, his great skills and devotion to work make the business a great success. The baton was passed from generation to generation until the 1950s, when the company started producing machinery for feed mills. 

The fourth generational transition occurred during this period, with the arrival in the company of Giuseppe Puccio Laurenzi, who began a real industrial production of plants for the drying, storage, milling and mixing of cereals. 

In the early 1970s, he established the new company: Cimas (Costruzione Impianti Mangimifici Silos), thus creating the current brand. The baton is now in the hands of the fifth and sixth generations: Genni Laurenzi (daughter of Giuseppe Puccio Laurenzi) is the group’s current sole director. In 2003, the company created Cimas Industrie S.a.r.l., in the industrial district of Bizerte, Tunisia (directed by Michele Pauselli as General Manager).

Cimas is an important industrial company specialising in the design and construction of turnkey plants for the storage and processing of cereals for livestock use. The experience it has acquired over the years now allows Cimas to meet countless needs and prepare the best plant solutions for each particular situation and case, individually tailoring them to meet the customer’s needs.  Once the customers’ requirements are recognised, the Cimas designers prepare the best plant solutions, producing detailed drawings and quotes for each component. When the final technical solution is established, the working drawings for the masonry structures are drafted and the company starts production of the machinery and all the plant components. Cimas sends one or more mechanical supervisors/ electricians to its construction sites to manage the local installation teams, normally supplied by the customer. When required, Cimas takes care of the overall plant installation with its own specialised installation teams. Machine components subject to greater wear are always available in the parts warehouses in Italy and Tunisia.

Both plants, both in Perugia and in Bizerte, extend over a total covered area of 11.00 m2 and have the features the latest equipment for the processing of raw materials, with a sophisticated quality control system for finished products. The product study and development and production of plants are certified in accordance with DNV UNI EN ISO: 2000, EN1090-1. 

Via Val di Rocco 42 – 06134 Ponte Felcino – Perugia – Italy
Tel. +39 0755918339 – –

Cimas Industrie S.a.r.l. 
Parc d’Activités Economiques، Rue Bourguiba – Bizerte 7000 – Tunisia
Tel. +216 29 316 229 – 


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