Optical sorters against cross-contamination

Eureka, movable and precise, recommended for small productions and laboratories.


Cross-contamination, which in most cases is a consequence of production processes, is a commonly observed phenomenon in food markets.

Seed mixes, allergens, are risky for the health of allergy sufferers. In view of a defined regulatory framework related to them, Elica ASM has promptly developed optical sorting machines, equipped with intelligent inspection systems, designed to deal with issues such as allergens, mycotoxins, and non-compliant products.

Our machines are tailor-made for each specific technical requirement of the application. With high-resolution colour and infrared cameras and specific mechanical configurations, they guarantee a high degree of purity, reduced contamination, and post-sorting rejection. They also process at high flow rates with low environmental impact and low cost of ownership.
The software included in the machines, owned by Elica ASM, has been developed to ensure an intuitive use of the functionality, such as the ability to create sorting programs in a few minutes due to self-classification of defects. In addition, it can detect even the smallest surface, dimensional and foreign variations thanks to advanced sorting algorithms.

Quasar is the optical sorter capable of working at high flow rates, even more in the multi-channel version, thanks to the widest chute on the market. While Eureka, the compact version, has been specially designed for small productions and laboratories, to meet the needs of all types of installation and application.

By virtue of Elica ASM’s decades of experience and the reliability of the product, which is completely made in Italy, we are able to satisfy ever more demanding quality standards through constant research and development, and offer cutting-edge products. The result we can achieve in a selection by removal of allergens such as cereals, pulses, dried fruits, oil seeds, will certainly satisfy the most stringent and cogent requirements of our customers.

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