Exam time with Varvel

Varvel SpA together with Fondazione Aldini Valeriani of Bologna at final tests for senior engineers in mechanics


Varvel SpA specialized in design and manufacturing of gearmotors, gear reducers and mechanical variators and worldwide distributed, is committed in the education of the young. They could not then embrace the IFTS project “Higher level Engineer in Product and Mechanical Process Engineering” presented in the 2012 tender “Call for submission of Technical Education and Training (IFTS) and high and top training projects” in implementation of the Three-Year Regional Higher Education Scheme – Polytechnic Network, 2011 – 2013. As a partner of the project, Varvel provided the availability of an internal qualified technician to lecture at training institutions, as in the case of the Fondazione Aldini Valeriani of Bologna, by accompanying the students to the final tests.
On July 17 and 18, 2013 – the students who already visited the premises of Varvel SpA, had the examination for obtaining the Certificate of Higher Technical Qualification – 4th European Level. The students applied in a simulation test practice that involved the solution of a business case and in particular the analysis of a work cycle, within the production process of a mechanical industry, in which analysis problems of production control and flow were highlighted. To help them, in this difficult economic period, Varvel donated 18 gearboxes needed to carry out the assigned task.
“A small gesture – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – but also evidence to how precious it is for us to help schools and training institutions. We have supported this project from the beginning and it was exciting to follow the students until the end. The reducers and mechanical variators we donated, wanted to be also a gesture of good luck for these young people who are now facing the world of work.”
The same opinion is Cominoli Mauro, General Manager of Varvel SpA: “Training is essential to be able to find a professional outlet, especially in these difficult times when industry is seeking for skilled and competent figures. Companies have the duty to help these exchange and knowledge processes, because the experience and practice a company can offer, enrich and complete what they have learned in theory from the books and lectures. Therefore, we welcome these opportunities to which Varvel always responds with great openness and enthusiasm.”


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