Remarkable innovation at Hannover Show

Varvel SpA unveils the advance news of its last design in a spectacular multimedia booth, from 8 to 12 april.


Varvel has a big surprise in store for the international visitors; the Italian company chose the German exhibition to show the results of last research work in a fully new booth with distinctive spectacular and technical features.

Just from Varvel’s establishment in 1955, the customers appreciated the design and manufacturing of its speed reducers and variators in fixed applications of small and medium power. Then, prompt configuration from kit-form subassemblies enriched modularity, flexibility, innovation and quality of the products, all made in Italy and worldwide distributed.

The new booth with enchanting innovative layout and multimedia tools of last generation will be the stimulating and spectacular setting of the advance news of a new product series. An innovative add-on kit that enables the conversion of a stocked unit with standard coupling input to a solid input shaft or a back-stop execution in a few minutes and with the only aid of a simple screwdriver. 

The add-on kits are manufactured in six sizes of which the output matches the respective gearbox of the Series RS, RT, RD, RN, RO and RV.

The show will also be the opportunity of displaying the standard series of hollow output shaft gearboxes RN-RO-RV with the unique feature «three-in-one» a common body to the three product lines: shaft-mount RN, in-line RO and right-angle RV bevel/helical gearboxes.

The common body, with the apt input module, is immediately converted into one of the three product lines RN, RO, RN. Same footprint, higher flexibility, easier assembling and shorter lead times are the benchmarks these gearboxes successfully scored.

The gearboxes are manufactured in six sizes (pressure diecast aluminium for the smaller three and grey cast iron for the others) with 30 reduction ratios, two or three gear stages and output torque from 180 to 3200 Nm.

A number of fixing possibilities (foot, flange, torque arm mountings), various hollow shaft executions with keyway, shrink disk, spline or single and double solid shafts allow to match the majority of assembly needs.


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