Self-priming pumps and plate filters

Bruno Wolhfarth is specialized in the development of stainless steel self-priming electric pumps with flexible rubber impeller inside. Since it was established over 40 years ago, the company has developed machinery exclusively in stainless steel and it has always taken into consideration reliability and simple maintenance to ensure hygiene and duration.

The stainless steel Rapid series has been added to the Rapid Sanitary series while keeping in mind the particular demands of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors during both the planning and the execution. With respect to the standard version of the Rapid, Bruno Wolhfarth has eliminated all those parts which might cause product stagnation and be a source of contamination: the inside of the pump is a perfectly smooth single piece, obtained from a full bar with a turning and milling procedure; these characteristics allow perfect cleaning even with CIP washing. The impeller and gaskets are made of white silicone, a material certified as being suitable for use in contact with food, according to FDA regulations and in compliance with EEC 1935/2004 Regulation. In addition to stainless steel AISI 316L and upon request, the pump body can also be made of titanium, a metal that gives out less to the product and is also used in the medical-health-care field.

The electro-pumps are strongly self-priming, gently transport liquid and dense products and work in both directions. With low rpm motor or with speed variator, these pumps are suitable for transferring delicate products such as creams, emulsions, microspheres, or very thick products, such as pastes and ointments, and viscous products, such as honey, gel, glue for construction, resins, and paints. A filter with a stainless steel net inside, size 200, 400 or 800 µm, could be applied to the pump to filter impurities and corpuscles of the product, before the packaging.

In order to work in explosion-risk environments, these pumps can be supplied in Atex execution with ATEX II 2 GD c IIB TX certificate.

Bruno Wolhfarth is also specialized in the development of stainless steel plate filters. The Farminox and Labinox filters are used in food, pharm, cosmetic industries for filtering liquids, such as syrups, beverages, essential oils, and perfumes. They can work with filtering paperboards of different porosity in order to obtain the required degree of filtration. The most important characteristic of this filter is that it has no packing, as the patented round form provides a perfect sealing directly between the plate and the paper.


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