Varvel Production System for the Future Factory

VARVEL SpA presented VPS – Varvel Production System to managers and entrepreneurs of the Future Factory Community. The Supply Chain project comes from the theoretical model of supply chain optimisation.

Excellence in performance and management of the many activities related to the supply chain is more and more a differentiating factor among the companies by generating a competitive advantage, market share, leadership and profit. In fact, a high performance of the supply chain means lower inventory levels and higher customer service, higher timeliness and bigger margins in a context in which the product life cycle is always more and more reduced.

On the counter of the speakers of the conference organised in Bologna by Future Factory, in front of a large audience of managers and entrepreneurs, also Varvel SpA of Crespellano (BO) – specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing of gearboxes and mechanical variators – was called. 

Varvel SpA, virtuous reality operating internationally, presented the “VPS – Varvel Production System”, a system that allows the balancing of all the industrial operations upon the real market demand.

Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of Varvel SpA, presented not only the company’s size but also its mission and values, strengths that have led Varvel to operate at an international level: “A company is a complex system and the best results are got in terms of reliability and costs only through a proper balance to be carried out throughout the whole supply chain and also at the supplier side, if necessary. We have chosen to create a partner network, rejecting delocalisation, just to build up an efficient and controlled production district that starts from materials receipt and comes up to logistics with the recently opened branch and warehouse in Settimo Milanese.”
Mauro Melandri, Supply Chain Manager of Varvel SpA has also deepened the VPS presentation: “We started from value flow mapping; pinpointed technological families are then assigned to internal and external processes of pcs/day volumes that are consistent with the Takt Time, i.e. the production rate to match the customer demand.”

We have not to forget how in the supply chain world, the whole supply chain balancing to the Takt Time allows to set blanket orders in improving supply conditions, retaining suppliers by stabilising processes, reducing errors and waste, reducing the frozen order horizon with LT reduction and plant programming aim on actual sales.

A strong asset, widely illustrated to a large public, is that a valid and automatic formula does not exist for any reality but a method of analysis, called VPS in Varvel SpA, able to be used by any business. 

With these assumptions, the company, led by the President Francesco Berselli, continues and strengthens its growth in the domestic market and worldwide, with a high added value in terms of products and service.


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