High quality stainless steel filters and pumps


The quality of the materials and the duration of the equipment
Two points that Bruno Wolhfarth has always considered essential and on which it has built its success


Bruno wolhfarth, leader in filtration and food transfer technologies, for almost 60 years has been designing and producing stainless steel filters and pumps in its factory on the outskirts of Milan. The quality of the materials and the duration of the equipment are the two points that Bruno wolhfarth has always considered essential and on which it has built its success.

Within the production process, the electric pump is the least complex and conspicuous element – it actually represents the core, pumping the product that is to be transformed, into the system, or collecting the finished product to be sent to the packaging machines.

System builders and end users are aware of the importance of the pump within the process and fear the possibility of having to stop the system due to a pump malfunction, while waiting for a spare part or the repairs to be completed by the maintenance technician.

The strength of Wolhfarth electric pumps is the simplicity of disassembly and maintenance: the pump can be easily disassembled and reassembled, even by unskilled personnel.

Furthermore, the pump body machining from the solid bars of stainless steel, with no melting or welding processes guarantees the durability and the finish of the surfaces, in compliance with the most stringent standards in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.           

The flexible elastomer impeller allows a strong intake and the more powerful models can gently handle creamy products, such as yoghurt or even very dense products, such as honey and jam.

An ATEX execution is possible for uses in areas at risk of explosion and the materials of the impeller and gaskets are suitable for use in contact with food, in accordance with current regulations.

Bruno wolhfarth is looking forward to participating in the new edition of Cibus Tec 2023 in Parma -Italy, after the pandemic-related hiatus.

The company will display filter and pump models that have been used for decades in the most important industries in the sector, naturally updated to take account of new user requirements, new applications made possible by advances in electronics, and always in compliance with the latest hygiene and safety regulations.

At the wolhfarth stand, the electric pump with on-board electronic inverter can be seen in operation as it transfers a high-viscosity gel (90,000 cps.)



This year’s new product will be the patented Hygienic Rapid Sanitary series, an evolution of the historic Rapid and Rapid Sanitaria series: the first electric pump with flexible impeller and drainage system for emptying the pump at the end of work without the need for disassembly. The application of a solenoid valve allows automatic emptying, which is particularly useful in plants where the same pump can be used in both the production and washing cycle (clean in place). The possible connection of a Venturi vacuum generator to the solenoid valve facilitates both emptying and fast filling of the pump in the initial phase of work, even with very dense and viscous products.

Given our commitment, even in the challenging years of the pandemic, to offer technologically advanced products, we are confident that our long-standing and potential customers also have the drive to start over by appreciating machines that can improve and optimise their production process.

Bruno Wolhfarth
Via Cavour 31 – 26858 Sordio – LO – Italy
Tel. +39 02 9810153 – Fax +39 02 98260169


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