A great team

Varvel SpA adopts a new information system to strategically strengthen the concept of a company network and points to a decisive growth in sales.


A great revolution is affecting Varvel SpA, historical engineering company nearby Bologna-Italy, which continues to grow in domestic market and internationally, 

since its foundation in 1955. Thanks to the specialization in the design, development and production, Varvel’s reducers and variators are largely used in stationary applications for small and medium power.

Coinciding with the launch of the ISM input solid shaft and BSM backstop modules that represent a new entry among the existing product lines, the company’s management has been involved in a weighty modernization project, through the adoption of a joint information system, involving Varvel SpA and the associated companies.

The goal of the project is to improve the overall efficiency of the Varvel Group, with a greater competitiveness and a common network of companies that Varvel SpA has built over the years.

Full information support of integration between logistics and production subsidiaries, Milan local unit and Indian subsidiary, will be possible through collaboration with Altea, a leading specialist in computer science. 

Altea will follow us in the adoption stages of SAP, an extremely sophisticated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), able to guarantee the solution scalability, customization and upgrade, as well as an international support and global partnerships.

SAP is a consolidated ERP with Best Practices processes for company’s homogeneous areas already modeled and are recognized by the Altea knowledge of manufacturing and SMEs. 

This ERP shows advanced data consolidation, process centralization and extreme data visibility allowing a better control and integration among the Group and individual companies. So, it is an open platform that can follow the evolution of the Group and the relationships with customers / suppliers / Group companies.

“This new organization – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – is an evolution of the concept of enterprise network that has always pinpointed our company policies. Over the years, we have formed a group that highlighted the need to coordinate the various companies to deal with a more and more performing global market”.

The same opinion is Cominoli Mauro, General Manager of Varvel SpA: “This computerization process will enable a better management of the Varvel group internationalization course. Not only – he says – in the areas of marketing and sales, but also in the group reorganization process with a comprehensive rationalization of information assets.”

As to the strategic level, a three-year implementation plan through the support of business intelligence, points to a significant turnover increase, with the goal of reaching €50 million against the present €30 million.

A momentum depending on a strong willingness to change was wanted by all the company resources and with a tight cohesion of the whole group, for the realization of a strategic development objective.

During the “Kick off of the SAP project” presentation, Varvel and subsidiaries emerged wanting to feel part of one only group, that means  the mutual trust between  partners,  importance of shared know-how of available skills, to obtain right away a greater efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall performance.

A great but not easy challenge requiring a non-trivial process, but Varvel will lead the Group to further success on international markets and a significant consolidation of the positions so far achieved.




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