Mapei’s solution for the “Aldaris” brewery of Riga in Lithuania

Aldaris, the company famous for brewing this historical brand of beer, was founded in Lithuania in 1865 and is now part of the Carlsberg group, one of the most famous and prestigious brands in the international brewing and distribution sector.

In 2013 Aldaris, whose head office is in Riga, renovated their main brewery and their very own “Museum of Brewing”.

This integrated project also included the creation of new spaces to be used by visitors to the museum, such as a restaurant, areas dedicated to commercial activities and special mini-breweries for the production of craft beers.

Thanks to the range of innovative materials offered, MAPEI was immediately considered as a reference point for the installation of the floors in the production area within the framework of a more articulated contemporary project: a site dedicated not only to brewing beer, but a place where visitors to the brewery could also interact.

One of the requirements of Aldaris was to install seamless, non-slip flooring which would be able to withstand the abrasion and impact loads from the non-stop traffic of fork-lifts and pallet trucks and which was also resistant to the chemical products used on a daily basis to process the raw materials required to actually brew the beer.

The flooring also had to guarantee good resistance to thermal shocks from frequent cleaning cycles with water at temperatures of around 100°- 120°C.

After reviewing the requirements of Aldaris, the end user of the flooring, the solution proposed by MAPEI in this particular case was the three-component polyurethane and cement-based formulate Mapefloor CPU/RT.

This product complies with the hygiene requirements of norms and standards regarding food safety which specify the use of specific materials for coating surfaces in areas used for processing and packaging drinks and foodstuffs.


The implementation of EC directives, which regulate and monitor environmental safety in compliance with directives regarding HACCP and safety in the workplace, include the introduction of increasingly severe hygiene norms and compliance with high performance standards for coatings applied in industrial environments where foodstuffs are treated and processed.



Mapefloor CPU/RT was applied over an area of 470 m2 of new concrete substrate that had been prepared by shot-blasting the surface and then cutting slots in the surface to make sure the final coating of Mapefloor CPU/RT was held absolutely firm on the substrate.

The preparation and application of grey coloured Mapefloor CPU/RT was carried out by a team of floor layers highly specialised in the application of polyurethane and cement-based products.

The coating product was prepared by mixing all three components together and adding Mapecolor CPU powdered pigment. 


Immediately after preparing the Mapefloor CPU/RT it was applied over the substrate in a layer to the specified thickness of 9 mm using smooth metal spreaders to guarantee the formation of a seamless floor with a non-slip finish.



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