Cereal snackers want on-the-go products

Cereal products are no longer just a morning staple to be served in a bowl with milk. A new Canadean survey finds that UK consumers want cereal they can graze on throughout the day and while on-the-move.

A new survey of 2,000 UK adults by Canadean Consumer has revealed that a total of 33% of UK consumers snack on cereal, without milk, throughout the day, with 5% of people saying they do this daily. Those aged 20-24 years old are the most likely to graze on cereal throughout the day (59%), while those aged 25-29 years old are the most likely to say they do this daily (18%). This highlights a huge opportunity for cereal manufacturers to look to target new consumption occasions beyond cereal in a bowl.
Kellogg’s has capitalised on this emerging market in the US with the launch of snack pouches housing some of its most popular cereals including: Fruit Loops, Krave, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops. The products provide a convenient snacking option for eating while on-the-go and are likely to appeal to lunchbox occasions for both adults and children.
Bags of cereal designed for snacking on throughout the day are something that adults in the UK are keen to see on their retail aisle. A total of 46% of those who snack on cereal during the day would like to see product launches that help accommodate such snacking occasions.
Analyst at Canadean, Kirsty Nolan, says: “The concept really is win-win for the manufacturers as with little capital investment a huge number of new snacking occasions can be created. Moreover, consumers are willing to pay a premium for convenient products which can easily be consumed while working or commuting.”


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