Machines for the recovery of production wastes


One of the most serious problems of today’s food industry is represented by the recovery of waste from the production of biscuits, chocolate, croissants, cakes, whether they are in the form of naked or already wrapped products.

For both situations, LMD is able to propose the single machines suitable for recovery, which, in the most complete form, can be coordinated to form a unique plant.

The two machines involved in this process are manufactured by the German Company LEU-TRONIC and the Swiss Company BRUNNER-ANLIKER.



Unpacking – Recovery – Rework

The main purpose of the machine is to recover incorrectly wrapped, products ejected by the production line, defective products, etc., where some type of rework is required.

In most cases these are flow-packs, bags or boxes where sealings do not comply with quality controls, products are either damaged, or underweight or have been too long stored to be sold.



The PACK-SAVER is the most well-known machine for unpacking and separating food products from their packaging in the field of waste recovery.

Especially in the food and confectionery area, the machine is currently one of the most efficient and effective solutions to recover solid production waste. The Standard version has a capacity of about 200 kg/h, while the most performing machine can reach up to 300 kg/h. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel or FDA approved materials. After passing through the machine, the product is completely separated from its packaging and both components will be sent to different containers. There is no contamination between the two components, thanks to special sieving and suction systems that ensure that any plastic residuals in the product are duly removed before final discharge.


Industrial grinding machine for dry food products, sponge cake and chocolate

BRUNNER-ANLIKER grinder type IR 250 “Digital” is an intelligent processing system for production waste that must be reduced to powder to allow rapid recovery in a safe and hygienic way within the production lines.

The machine is ideally suited for grinding dried fruit products, chocolate, croissants, bread, cheese and other solid foods.

In combination with the unpacking machine of LEU-TRONIC it can allow manufacturers to easily recover discarded products from the packaging line with the help of one single operator.

Depending on the type of product processed, the machine can also reach a capacity of 2,000 kg/h. For actual capacities, operational testing of individual products is required. The machine is very easy to use and thanks to the new configuration with dedicated PLC there is the possibility to set specific working recipes for different products.

The BRUNNER-ANLIKER grinder can be fed automatically via a conveyor belt that can be supplied separately on request, connected it to the product unloading system of the LEU-TRONIC upstream machine.

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