New Varvel’s 50 mm centre distance worm gearboxes

The long-established Bologna-based company introduces technical and qualitative innovations on the threshold of the sixtieth year of foundation

Varvel SpA has always put constant innovation at the centre of its activity. The recent restyling of 50mm centre distance worm gearbox, one of company’s flagship products, fits the said process of renovation. Varvel SpA, in fact, redesigned some parts of its worm gearboxes in order to further improve an already asserted quality while keeping production costs unchanged. A new version of SRS050 gearbox has been made with one of the two side covers integral with the housing, thus getting the Series SRS to the same configuration of SRTs.
This improvement is essential for this type of reducers as the “shaft mounting” side cover can be directly fitted and mounted on the machinery framework, greatly benefiting the reducer’s torsional rigidity and as a consequence the whole application.
To that purpose the threaded holes on the side cover are brought from 4 to 8, giving the choice to fix the reducer every 45 degrees – instead of the previous 90 degrees – or to utilise an increased number of  fixing screws (from 4 to 8).
The same considerations are valid for whole range of accessories to be bolted to the housing; the possibility of a 45 degrees fixing allows therefore new configurations.
The new structure implies that lubricant leakage possibility occurring between the housing and cover was completely eliminated – the two components being one-piece casted.
Obviously and to uniform the whole series, the “universal” SRT050 reducer has been modified as well, so that the two versions can be selected with same fixing options. 
The restyling was not limited to the one-piece side cover but also the other was re-designed accordingly by increasing the threaded holes to eight to give the same torsional rigidity and 45 degree rotation.
Also a new graphite-laminated gasket, replacing the previous liquid sealant, was introduced to drastically reduce lubricant leakage possibility between housing and side cover because of a more a uniform distribution of gasket pressure.

The picture shows the new version of 50mm centre distance worm gearbox, promising outstanding quality and performances.


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