Packology Award: An Award for Innovative Packaging Already Present on the Market

Sponsored by the ADI (Association for Industrial Design) and UCIMA, this award will be given to the best products featuring markedly innovative characteristics, from the technical and design viewpoint, launched on the market during the 2010-2013 three-year period.


An award for the entire design and industrial chain that contributes to the realization and marketing of new and successful packaging: this is the aim of the Packology Award, the award wanted by UCIMA and Rimini Fiera that will be presented at Packology, the international trade show-event to be held from the 11th to the 14th of June.

The competition, organised in cooperation with and with the support of the ADI (Association for Industrial Design), will award the most innovative products introduced on the market between 2010 and 2013. To participate in the competition, the products must feature innovative technical and design characteristics as to the use of new materials or by transferring materials from one context to another, in product engineering or in designing new shapes and types presented to the user. They must also be solutions having strong communication or corporate identity impact. For this reason, the Packology Award will be an acknowledgement for the entire value chain that contributes to the realisation of successful packaging: from the designer, to product engineering, to the company marketing it.

The Packology Award is reserved for packaging designed for the food, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and secondary packaging industries. The winners will be chosen by a committee consisting of representatives from UCIMA and the ADI, journalists, CONAI, and Consumer Associations.


Sviluppo di un concentrato liofilizzato funzionale di proteine del latte

Il concentrato di proteine fibrillate del latte (MPC) è stato prodotto mediante fibrillazione selettiva delle proteine del siero di latte e liofilizzato per prolungarne...

Sostituzione dei nitrati e nitriti nel salame con estratti vegetali

Il salame è un insaccato costituito da una miscela di carne e grasso con spezie e altri ingredienti fermentata ed essiccata all'aria. L'eccessivo consumo...

Valorizzazione sostenibile del luppolo esausto da luppolatura a freddo

  La luppolatura a freddo è l'estrazione a freddo di composti non volatili e volatili dal luppolo nella birra e incide sui costi di produzione...



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