Bran and germ: stable product with a longer shelf life by VOMM Turbo-Technology


In the last decades fibers consumption has widely decreased due to the change in the eating habits, favouring refined grains to whole grains.

This is not positive for our health and our belly, creating plenty of issues.

Eating more whole grains is an easy way to make our diet healthier.

Whole grains offer a “complete package” of health benefits, unlike refined grains, which are stripped of valuable nutrients in the refining process.

All whole grain kernels contain three parts: bran, germ, and endosperm. Each section contains health-promoting nutrients. The bran is the fiber-rich outer layer that supplies B vitamins, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural chemical compounds in plants that have been researched for their role in disease prevention. The germ is the core of the seed where growth occurs; it is rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, B vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. The endosperm is the interior layer that holds carbohydrates, protein, and small amounts of some B vitamins and minerals, it represents 80% of the whole kernel.


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These components have various effects on our bodies:

– Increase the fullness feeling.
– Slow breakdown of starch into glucose, thus maintaining a steady blood sugar rather than causing sharp spikes.
– Helps lower cholesterol as well as move waste through the digestive tract.
– May also help prevent the formation of small blood clots that can trigger heart attacks or strokes.
– May protect against some cancers.

The current grinding systems strip away the bran and germ and leaves only the endosperm. Without the fibrous bran, the grain is easier to chew. The germ is removed because of its fat content, which can limit the shelf life of processed wheat products. The resulting highly processed grains are much lower in nutritional quality. Refining wheat strips away more than half of wheat’s B vitamins, 90% of the vitamin E, and almost all of the fiber.

The mentioned above disadvantages limit the use of the bran and germ fractions unless they are submitted to special treatment.

Concerning that, VOMM has developed a special continuous thermal treatment for the stabilization of bran and germ, rich in fiber, vitamin and minerals increasing its shelf life.

It is always based on its own patented Turbo-Technology on turbulent thin film, that not only stabilizes the product but taste, smell, colour and texture (crispness) improvements can be obtained producing a high add value final product that can be stock over time.

This is just one of the several thermal treatments we are able to carry out with our continuous double step line due to its amazing flexibility, that allowed to VOMM to install many plants worldwide.

VOMM is waiting to help you develop your products and markets.

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