Compas 4.0: the revolutionary dough sheeter



For over 60 years, the RONDO Group has been a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of dough sheeters. This is also reflected in the development of the new Compas 4.0, in which digitalisation has played a central role: thanks to numerous innovative technologies, such as the four individual motors, it sets new standards in terms of quality, performance, operation and reliability.

Compas 4.0 is a pioneering machine that redefines the concept of lamination: 

• The innovative use of four individual motors gives you a host of new possibilities for dough processing.

• The revolutionary i-Touch controls assist you from A to Z and redefine the concept of “user-friendliness” of a dough sheeter.

• The extremely gentle operation now allows you to laminate any type of dough. 

• The extraordinary power allows you to feed any 700 mm wide production line.


Discover in detail the advantageous features of Compas 4.0:

• Integrated IIoT Solution
Integrated IIoT solution guarantees the full control over your production system and maintenance at all times and from any location. RONDO IIoT is able to meet the subsidy requirements set forth by the Italian Department of Commerce.

 Rondo 22 01 2


• Maximum efficiency for laminating and folding dough
High belt speed and large cylinder spacing. Four powerful motors. With the Compas 4.0 you laminate much faster and reduce operating costs.

• Maximum ease of use and no processing errors
Intuitive controls, as easy to use as a smartphone. Innovative service systems that help you avoid mistakes. With Compas 4.0, anyone can work immediately with high productivity.

• Can laminate any type of dough
A pair of large cylinders and four individual motors. Optimal parameters for laminating and wrapping. Compas 4.0 laminates any type of dough evenly and without tension.


Rondo 22 01 3


• Certified hygiene and safety features
Compas 4.0 adheres to modern international hygiene and safety standards, certified by the German Association and the US Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

What are you waiting for? To find out more, contact Lucio Bordignon, Sales Manager of RONDO Schio s.r.l., at the email address

RONDO Schio s.r.l.
Via Lago di Albano, 86 – 36015 Schio (VI)
Tel. +39 0445 575 429 – email


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