SEW-EURODRIVE’s servo motors and servo gearmotors to reduce operating costs and increase sustainability


SEW-EURODRIVE’s solutions to reduce operating costs and increase sustainability in the beverage sector: CM3C servo motors, PxG® servo gearmotors and MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface guarantee flexibility, precision and compactness


Servomotors, servo gearmotors and modular platforms for automation , equipped with a wide range of configurable modules suitable to meet any production need with rapid commissioning, are the solutions of SEW-EURODRIVE, a company at the forefront in the automation sector . industrial, logistics and process , for filling plants, in order to guarantee precision and speed in the execution phases of the various operational, handling and transport activities. These systems are particularly suitable for the beverage sector which, also thanks to the impulse of digitalization, is experiencing a phase of transformation in the definition and choice of technological process solutions that characterize in particular the filling systems, the so-called filling machines . The choice of the components that make up the systems is fundamental in the construction phase of the filling system.

The filling machines used for the bottling of beverages, the so-called fillers, and the related plant solutions that characterize both the specific phases of filling, capping and labeling, and the subsequent handling and packaging phases, adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Various alternative solutions exist in the ways of carrying out the filling process. In all cases, however, it is necessary to equip the systems with components such as servomotors or servogearboxes equipped with a certain compactness , dynamism and flexibility as well as with a digital platform which constitutes the heart for the various automation and movement control activities, capable of ensure maximum precision in terms of speed, flexibility, speed, execution and synchronization; systems that are able to reduce start-up times and react to any anomalies even during operation thanks to diagnostic functions and predictive maintenance.

Applications involving fast and precise displacements of high loads require highly dynamic, precise and powerful drives. Among the products of SEW-EURODRIVE, CM3C synchronous servomotors they combine these properties exactly, they are particularly compact, space-saving and the ability to mount the drive units directly on the engine eliminates the need for adapters and couplings. Furthermore, the motors , equipped with permanent magnets , allow to reach the highest energy efficiency classes .

A low ratio between the load inertia and the motor inertia is the prerequisite for positioning large loads with high dynamics and precision: CM3C servomotors feature an increased inertia and this makes them suitable for all applications in automation, handling and transport with a high moment of inertia of the load.

concept of multi-stage surface protection and smooth surfaces (Hygienic-friendly Design) makes the medium inertia servomotors of the CM3C series particularly robust and resistant against dirt.

Flexibility and reliability are also characteristics of the brakes available for servomotors. In addition to the typical 24 V parking brake for the servo motor, a brake with increased working capacity can also be optionally selected. Equipped in this way, the synchronous motors of the CM3C series can also perform applications that require emergency braking.       
Furthermore, thanks to the single-cable technology, the CM3C series servo motors are both quick to install and intelligently integrated into modern Industry 4.0 concepts.

A particularly interesting feature of this type of servomotor is its versatility in use : they can in fact be used in heavy miniloads, in palletizers, in embossing and forming machines, in dynamic loading and unloading devices and also in lifting applications. and in transport technology with high external loads.
The CM3C series servomotor can be combined with a PxG series planetary servo gearmotor , the ideal solution for machine and plant builders who have particular needs in terms of installation space and which ensure the high dynamism and precision required in a process. filling capacity as well as flexibility, safety and high overload capacity. Thanks to their scalability, PxG precision planetary servo gear units can be sized in every part of the machine according to the work cycle and the specific application. The modular system is in fact based on different sizes divided into 1, 2 and 3 reduction stages and in different performance classes (from P5 to P7); The P5.G series , the scalable all-rounder, features a standard gearbox design in a modular concept that achieves high dynamics. It is optimized for short duration service, with intermittence up to 60% and designed for a useful life of at least 20,000 hours of operation; the main feature of the P6.G series is, on the other hand, guaranteeing high rotation performance: it is equipped with an optimized bearing to reduce thermal losses and increase efficiency and duration and is designed for a service life of at least 30,000 hours of operation; the P7.G series is the package that guarantees the most precise and powerful service. Featuring a gearbox design engineered for the highest possible torque density, it provides increased overload capability, highest accuracy, and is optimized for short duration service with up to 60% cyclic life factor. It is designed for a service life of at least 20,000 hours of operation. An added value of this product is the possibility of equipping it with a digital twin, always supplied by SEW-EURODRIVE, which accompanies the PxG® servo gearmotor throughout its life cycle and which allows reliable predictions on future performance.


Sew 22 11 servo gear unit

Servoriduttori epicicloidali di precisione PxG.


Among the SEW-EURODRIVE products used in the beverage sector, the foundation of the continuous and uninterrupted power supply and data exchange is single-cable technology : MOVILINK® DDI, the software interface for transmitting power, brake and diagnostic data from the motor to the frequency converter. It is a fully digital technology for synchronous, asynchronous, linear motors and decentralized drive technology, which also guarantees absolute precision in terms of predictive and preventive maintenance. The particularly robust and high-performance design of the cable with coaxial data line makes compact installation possible, without space problems. MOVILINK® DDI is integrated in all frequency inverters of the modular MOVI-C® automation system and offers the following advantages: Ability to control every motor Quick and easy automatic startup Saves time and money Savings optimization of the management of the various components.          

The combination of the synchronous motors of the CM3C series, combined with the MOVILINK® DDI interface with single cable, therefore allows the creation of efficient integrated automation architectures, simplifying plant layouts and guaranteeing a significant reduction in operating costs.        
Maintenance and condition monitoring: where are we in Italy? Download the Research Report Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring and find out why predictive maintenance cuts costs and waste and reduces the impact on the environment.

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