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Romania boasts the presence of several water springs, such as those in the city of Carei, in the county of Satu Mare, which have ensured the development and the success of Alconor Company.

hanks to the strong collaboration with partners, such as SMI, Alconor Company has achieved high quality levels, installing within the production lines of Carei and Voluntari (Bucharest) different types of machines of the latest generation, such as the rotary stretch-blow moulders for the production of PET/rPET bottles, the plants for the secondary and tertiary packaging and conveyor lines.


Alconor: a successful story 

Today Alconor is one of the most active and competitive companies in Romania in the production of soft drinks and water and has transformed itself from a family business to an industrial company appreciated at national level.

“A company only writes history when it has valuable people at its side and when it manages to form a team with them. We thank all the people who have joined the large Alconor Company family and our partners for their support” claims Norbert Varga, General Director of Alconor Company.


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The importance of diversification

At the beginning of its activity Alconor Company bottled only carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles, while today, thanks to the use of modern technologies, continues to surprise its customers by launching new products or packing the existing ones in increasingly innovative and original packaging solutions.

At the plants in Carei and Bucharest, the Romanian company has several production lines in which PET containers of different sizes are bottled: from small formats of 0.33 L and 0.5 L to standard formats of 1.5 L, 2 L and 3 L, up to high-capacity containers of 5 L and 6 L.


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20 years of transformation and investments

Since 1999 Alconor has acquired an undisputed position of leadership in the field of beverage production, a sector that requires high standards, as well as precision in absolute and constant control over product quality and cutting-edge, flexible and efficient machines to quickly switch from one production to another.

Furthermore, in order to reach the objective of environmental sustainability, the company focuses on investments in plants and machines capable of ensuring the respect for the environment and energy saving, as demonstrated by the recent installation of an SMI stretch film packer from the SFP 30 ERGON range

An aspect of great importance for Alconor Company is the collaboration with SMI, that, even thanks to the presence of SMI East Europe branch on the Romanian territory, has been able to follow the Romanian company in its rapid development.

“To achieve high levels of production quality, within the Carei and Bucharest plants, we use systems supplied by leading companies in the sector, such as rotary stretch-blow moulders for PET bottles and the fully automatic bottling and packaging lines supplied by SMI, who fully satisfy our requests”, says Norbert Varga, CEO of Alconor Company.


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SMI solutions for Alconor 



3,600 bph PET bottling line including EBS 3 HC ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulder for the production of 5 and 6 L high-capacity containers
> 24,000 bph end of line for PET bottles from 0.5 L to 2 L consisting of a SK 800F ERGON shrink wrapper, HA 80 handle applicator, PACKSORTER divider, APS 3090P ERGON automatic palletizing system and conveyor belts

10,800 bph PET line, consisting of SR 6 rotary stretch-blow moulder, SK 300F shrink wrapper, SFP 30 ERGON stretch film packer, DV 200 divider and conveyor belts for the production of 0.33 L / 0.5 L / 0.75 L / 1 L / 2 L and 3 L PET bottles

SK 450 T shrink wrapper and conveyor belts for the packaging of 0.25 L slim cans, 0.5 L cans and 2 L PET bottles



12,00 bph PET bottling line consisting of SR 8 rotary stretch-blow moulder, SK 400 F shrink wrapper, HA 40 handle applicator, APS 3050 P palletizer and conveyor belts for the production of 0.5 L, 2 L and 3 L bottles.


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Main advantages of SFP 30 ERGON packer


for the secondary packaging of 0.5 L, 0.75 L, 1 L, 2 L and 3 L PET bottles, the SFP range uses the cold “stretch” of stretch film and meets the needs of flexibility, versatility and environmental sustainability

less use of packaging material (-30 / -40% vs. traditional shrink wrappers): stretch film with a thickness of 10 microns is used for packaging

energy saving: no heat-shrinking tunnel operating with electric resistances

stable and resistant packaging: thanks to the double crossed wrapping of the film around the group of containers to be packed

easy machine access: ergonomic system design, typical of the ERGON range

MotorNet System® automation and control based on Sercos field bus

7” interactive “touch-screen” operator panel in 32 languages with simple, intuitive commands

motors equipped with digital servo-drive (driver) integrated on the motor: a solution that generates less heat inside the electrical panel, reducing the energy consumption of the heat dissipation and air conditioning systems installed on the machine

fewer CO2 emissions: greater benefit for the environment

aesthetic advantages: the “bull’s eye”, typical of packs in film only, is small and appears on the short side of the pack

the use of brushless motors in the film unwinding phase, ensures precise tension adjustment

the double film wrapping system guarantees resistant and long-lasting packs: the first reel wraps the pack clockwise, while the second wraps it counterclockwise, creating a crisscross wrapping around the containers in transit




If you want to have further information on the line solution installed by Alconor and on the advantages of the machines supplied by SMI, we invite you to read our SMI NOW magazine or to contact our sales department.

SMI S.p.A.


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